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The best way to contact Haugesund municipality authorities is to call the main switchboard telephone at 52 74 30 00 on weekdays between 08.00 to 15.30.  

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Use a secure digital channel for mail if you need to send sensitive personal information. This way you protect your privacy. Sensitive personal information could be information about your health, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity og political standpoints. Read more about our privacy policy here.

Send us secure digital mail - eDialog

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Send us an e-mail:

If you need to send sensitive personal information use eDialog.

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Haugesund kommune
Postboks 2160
5504 Haugesund

Visit us at the Service center 

Opening hours at the Service center are Monday to Friday between 09.00 to 15.00.


Kirkegata 85, 5528 Haugesund
Telephone 52 74 30 00

The facilities are wheelchair accessible. We also have many parking spots. 

Social media

You may also contact us on our Facebook page.

The municipality does not handle cases through facebook or other social media. Inquiries that require an answer or resolution from the municipality must be submitted in writing by either eDialog, e-mail or mail. If you need to send sensitive personal information use eDialog.

Emergency phone numbers 


Servicesenteret Haugesund
Telefon 52 74 30 00

Kirkegata 85, 5528 Haugesund

Skal du sende personsensitiv informasjon?

Ved å bruke eDialog kan du være sikker på at sensitive og taushetsbelagte opplysninger blir ivaretatt på en trygg måte.

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Haugesund kommune, postboks 2160, 5504 Haugesund