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National advice and rules

National measures from the Government

Do you think you might have coronavirus?

Stay at home and avoid contact with others. 

You should get tested if:

  • you have symptoms of COVID-19
  • you suspect infection from people you have been in contact with
  • you have been traveling to a country or region with a high number of corona cases during the last 10 days 

Read more information about test criteria for coronavirus on FHI's website. 

Book a test appointment online

Vaccine against coronavirus

Haugesund municipality provides the coronavirus vaccine for it's residents. The vaccine is free and voluntary.

Register for the corona vaccine
Everyone between the age of 18 and 64  must register for to get the corona vaccine here.

Register for the corona vaccine

Where do you get the vaccine?
You will be notified when it's your turn to get the vaccine. The address of the vaccination centre is Svehaugstemmen 2.  

Questions about the corona vaccine?
You can email if you have questions about the corona vaccine. We reccommend that you read through the information on our website and before contacting us.

Information videos - why do we vaccinate?


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How to book a corona test

  • Do you think you might have COVID-19? Please isolate yourself from other people and book a corona test appointment online. E-mail if you have questions about booking an appointment.

     Book a test appointment online
  • You can call the corona test telephone 481 06 331 if you have questions about testing of children, need help to get to the test station, if you have plans to travel, or do not have symptoms but need to get tested for work reasons 
  • The test centre is located in Karmsundgata 95 B (behind Haugesund legevakt). It is important you do not come unless you have booked an appointment
  • The test is free of charge

What happens after I take the test?

After taking the test you must stay in home quarantine until the the results are ready. Your testresults will be ready in 1–3 days on

If your test is negative (no coronavirus), you can return to work or school with mild symptoms once you have a normal temperature and feel healthy.

Please comply with current quarantine and isolation regulations.

How do I get the test result? 

Your coronavirus test results will be made available to you at as soon as your sample is analysed and reported (typically one to two days after your sample was taken).

If you are unable to log on to you will only be contacted if your test comes back positive. Some laboratories may provide alternative solutions other than for presenting your test result, in which case you will be informed about the routines.

If your test result comes back negative (no coronavirus detected) you can go back to work/school provided your general condition is good (you feel well with no fever). This applies even if some symptoms of a respiratory infection still linger.

You need to complete your quarantine duty period even if your test comes back negative. This requirement is based on present knowledge of the incubation period for the virus (from time of infection to onset of symptoms).

If your test result comes back positive, you will be contacted by the local municipality and placed in isolation. The municipality will initiate contact tracing, and you will be asked to provide information on your close contacts during the preceding 48-hours period. The municipality will get in touch with your close contacts to inform them of their quarantine duty.

If you are in need of medical care, please contact your GP (doctor).

If you are a tourist/visitor and don`t have a GP, or need urgent care, please contact the Emergency Room telephone 116 117.

Travel advice

On you can find information about travel restrictions.

You will find information about travel advice and quarantine at FHI's website.


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