In English

Health care

General practitioner, Vaccinations office, Emergency medical centre, Children health center, Youth clinic, Violence and crisis center for women, Dental services

Language training

Courses in Norwegian and social studies, see also:


Municipal and private kindergartens, Application Portal

Schools and students

Primary and secondary schools, Private schools, Stord/Haugesund University College

Settle in Haugesund

Houses for sale or rent, Garbage, Housing allowance, Start-up loan, Housing for rent for disadvantaged

Social services

NAV consists of the state-run Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service and the municipal services.

Tourist information

The Tourist office is located in Bytunet, Strandgata 171, T: +47 52 01 08 30


Work in Norway, Forms and applications, Services and benefits
Autopass - Toll raod
Basic loan
Contact Haugesund
Council and democray
Housing allowance
Housing grant
Language training
Start up loan
Tax return and tax assessment
The city council
The mayor
Work in Norway
Your guide

Day care and growing up

Kindergartens, day care admission, day care portal, application, change, quit day care place, the child welfare authorities, educational and psychological counselling service (PPT), etc.


Physical therapy and occupational therapy, public health centre, midwifery, casualty clinic, mental health and substance abuse, wellness central (frisklivssentral), public health, vaccinations, dementia team, etc.

In English

About Haugesund, live in Haugesund, availeble jobs, garbage, kindergarten, schools, learning norwegian, students, healthcare, tax information with more

Culture and leisure time

Teams and associations, sports arenas, swimming pools, ice dome, renting premises, voluntary funds, library, culture centre, festivals, theatre, art gallery, community centre, community hall, etc.

Business and industry

Taxation, industry, entrepreneurship and knowledge test, establishing business, licence to sell alcohol, taxes and fees, etc.

Care giving

Home help, care facilities, assisted living facilities, decision-making office, dwelling, dinner, relief/assistance, sheltered accommodation, child welfare service, social services (NAV) etc.

School and education

Primary and lower secondary school, after-school programme (SFO), school year calendar, application for time off, school boundaries, adult education, cultural school, educational and psychological counselling service (PPT), school health services, training for immigrants, etc.

Technical services

Garbage disposal, fire service, chimney sweeping, water, drainage, planning, expansion, digging permits, nature conservation, nature, logging/clearing, etc.

Telephone lists

Crisis team, emergency number, child welfare service, casualty clinic and emergency dental clinical, crisis centre, technical preparedness watch (road, water and drainage), emergency management, etc.

Planning, housing and property

Property development, plan disclosure, sectioning, maps and surveying, fees, application for dispensation, lots, preliminary conference, etc.

Housing and social services

Housing allowance, start-up loan, municipal housing, social services (NAV), mental health and substance abuse, child welfare service, etc.

Road, transport and parking

Winter preparedness, road maintenance, renting municipal property, parking card, parking, bicycle city, TT card, etc.

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